Helen Fullelove

Tansley Hotwire Editor


Welcome to Tansley Hotwire, a FREE independent newswire  for local residents. The Hotwire, launched in 2009, is a subscription-only service delivered by email. It has over 500 subscribers.


Please note that Tansley Hotwire is a service for the residents of Tansley or people who have strong connections to the village. If you are not a Tansley resident, please say why you wish to join.


To sign up, please e-mail a request to Tansley Hotwire with your full name and postal address. None of the information you supply will be shared with third parties.


The vast majority of Hotwire subscribers live in and around Tansley, with the rest being people who regularly attend events in the village, have family ties here or have links to Tansley institutions.


What goes on in Tansley?


Tansley Hotwire will tell you about shows and other social events in the village and keep you posted about the activities of groups and clubs you can join. It will let you know what is going on in the Village Hall and the Community Hall, keep you informed about Parish Council meetings, and alert you to crimes in the village. It publicises events happening at the village pubs and in the churches. It will keep you informed about planning issues and alert you to crimes committed locally. It posts appeals about lost cats and dogs and advertises unwanted domestic items going free. 


The Hotwire’s focus is Tansley, its mission to help community cohesion through good communication. Hotwire makes its sources clear and tries to report without bias. No fake news! 


'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.' 


Some comments from subscribers:


"Tansley Hotwire — the electronic heart of the village!"


"It's better than The Archers!"


"Tansley Hotwire enhances the community spirit and brings people together."


"What an amazing service...open to everyone and all organisations. Tansley feels a much more together place with the Hotwire service."


“You provide a unique and excellent service.”




"The best alternative since the loss of our shop/Post Office."


Tansley Hotwire was created by Jane Flanagan in 2009.

It receives funding for this website from Tansley Parish Council.


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